Why 'award-winning' magician?

You may have noticed that sometimes it says 'award-winning' magician on my site and social media. So, am I an award-winning magician? Well, yes, I am. I won an award for my stage show (well, ten minutes of it) a few years back when I was still living in London.

I can't remember how, but I came across a venue in South Hamstead called The London Improv Theatre. It turned out that this venue hosted a monthly show called The Magicians Showcase, where a small group of top magicians (seriously, some of the best!) would come together to perform. I went along to watch a couple of times before practically begging the host to give me a spot.

(I've actually just remembered how I came across it, I met the host at a charity fundraiser event and we got talking)

I would always put my name forward to take part in The Magicians Showcase and, for the next year or two, became something of a regular. The showcase remains one of my all time favourite gigs. The atmosphere was always fantastic and the house was always full with an eager audience, which sometimes even consisted of some of my magic heroes - for example, one evening I turned up to find Faye Presto in the audience! (EEK!)

So, what's this award all about?

Well, it turns out that the showcase was hosting a stage magic competition, which was being sponsored by a magic media company called Big Blind Media. I believe it is now a regular competition at the showcase, but this was the first time. As always, I just leapt at the chance to perform again, so I entered.

The competition ran the same as any other showcase. Just four or five of us each giving a ten or fifteen minute performance. I did my usual card routine and rope routine, with an added twist at the end ;) It all went smoothy for all of us as I recall, with the audience voting at the end. We all stood offside as our host gathered together the votes and announced the winner. Yep, it was silly old me.

Well, after recovering from the initial shock, I managed to round the evening off with one last trick, during which, I was remembering something one of the other participants had said during his performance. He had 'jokingly' said that the only reason he had entered was because he wanted to call himself an 'award-winning' magician.

I couldn't help myself.

As my final trick came to an end and the applause had died down, I thanked everyone for an amazing night and for voting for me. Then, for the first time, I 'jokingly' said -

'My name is Jono Blythe, award-winning magician'

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