Why a magician?

Updated: Sep 10

When it comes to entertainment, magicians are arguably the most versatile. Able to either provide a stage show or to walk about and interact with your guests, one to one. The magician is able to adapt his performance to fit any requirements, at any event, at any time of day and for however long.

One thing you'll be wanting to be sure of before booking your magician is what sort of quality you'll be getting for your money. Well, did you know that a lot of magicians come with a guarantee? If the magician you are hiring is a member of The Magic Circle, the world famous society of magicians, then they are guaranteed to provide you with professional magic of an expert quality. Members of the Circle include the late Paul Daniels, Dynamo, John Archer (from Penn & Teller, Fool Us), Michael Vincent, Stephen Fry and even King Charles III.

For more information on The Magic Circle, you can visit www.themagiccircle.co.uk

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