When should my magician perform?

Obviously, you'll be wanting the magician to perform at an appropriate time during your wedding day. You don't just want them to approach a guest as they are enjoying their meal or working their moves on the dance floor. This is no problem, as an appropriate time can be discussed with your magician.

Wedding Breakfast

During the wedding breakfast is actually one of the best times to have your magician perform. They can usually work with the staff of the venue to know the best times to perform between courses or while your guests are waiting to be served. Magic is also great for just after the meals as your guests are relaxing and finishing their drinks or dessert.


During the photos is another great time to have your magician perform. The photographer will know when to capture that 'wow' moment that you and your guests will be able to look back on forever. The magician's comedy patter and quick wit can also help to create smiles and laughter among the crowd.


Entertainment during the speeches may not seem like the appropriate time, but if you have children at your wedding (as there usually are) then this can be the ideal time to keep them entertained with a little magic.


There are often turnarounds at weddings, when you'll be moving from one room to another or or indoors to outdoors, etc. This can usually take a bit of time whilst the staff are finishing preparation or as your guests are settling down. This is when your magician can casually mingle amongst the crowd and provide a little light entertainment in the meantime.

Evening Party

This is another popular choice for a wedding. After a wonderful day of celebration, the evening party is when you and your guests will want to unwind with a few drinks. This is a more relaxing and less formal atmosphere when your magician can almost become one of the guests and just slowly stroll around with a deck of cards in hand.

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