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'Jono performed for a charity event I organised. He was polite and professional from the outset and flexible when Covid scuppered our original date. Jono's close-up magic was fabulous and his stage show got the audience involved and kept their attention the whole time! Everyone said how great he was and how they were desperate to know how his tricks were done!' (Laura O'Brien)

'Jono performed at my company work party in early 2022 and he was very entertaining both during close-up tricks and the stage show later in the evening. He's really friendly, moving through the crowd engaging guests on an individual or small-group basis, which was good to set the atmosphere for the night and the guest involvement during the stage show worked especially well for a corporate event as staff got involved who otherwise may have simply watched. Throughout the evening and during booking he was professional and accommodating to ensure the party was enjoyable for all. I'd definitely recommend Jono!' (Emma Sedgwick)

'I went to Jono with a very different and complex request for a private performance. His approach from start to finish was exemplary and his enthusiasm was clear all the way through. He was fantastic, professional throughout and each time a potential issue arose he worked out a solution effortlessly. The actual day itself went exactly as planned and Jono is a very talented magician. I would recommend working with him very, very highly!'

(Stuart Lesser)

'Jono entertained the guests for a couple of hours at our wedding reception back in October 2019 and we had excellent feedback from everybody who attended. From ballooning for the younger children to close-up magic for all ages, he left everybody astounded at his dexterity. We have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody who is looking for a close-up magician. He was also a pleasure to deal with in the run-up to our wedding and we wish him well for the future.' (Jane Adams)

'I've known Jono for a good few years now and I've never seen anyone flourish more in the magic industry. His acs are well rehearsed, polished and refined with plenty of good, clean humour, they really encompass entertainment for all the family. I'm a strong believer that hard work pays dividends. Book Jono, you'll be glad you did.' (Jason Noble)

'Fantastic magician! He was the magician for our work Christmas party. There were over 100 of us and he entertained everyone and was constantly entertaining different guests. The tricks were amazing - unbelievable! Really recommend.' (Penelope Dale)

'Absolutely outstanding entertainment for my daughter's prom.' (Michelle Farnham)

'Jono entertained ourselves and guests at our wedding in the Rosevine, Cornwall this July [2021]. Having Jono supported our guests to have fun and interact with each other. Jono included guests of all different ages and backgrounds in having fun, smiling and laughing. Jono was professional and really helped make our day special. I would recommend every wedding should have a Jono!! Thank you so much for everything and being so flexible and accommodating to changes due to Covid - thank you from Sam and Joe.' (Samantha Rose)

'Great close-up magician with mind blowing tricks .. additionally with younger children, a brilliant entertainer!' (Phil Gilbert)

'We had Jono at. a party last night [2019] and he was absolutely amazing. He even dazzled my 9 month old daughter! Such a great act and professional and friendly! Definitely worth booking ... ' (Claire Barnes Northcott)

'Wow!!! What an amazing guy ... fantastic at what he does. It really added a special touch to my 30th birthday. Would highly recommend to anyone for any occasion .. all my guests thought he was awesome. Look forward to making more bookings with you. Jono x'

(Lynette Marie)

'Jono stepped into a gig at the last minute and wowed us with his magic. A fantastic guy and great magician who holds an audience as well as brilliant close-up magic. Book him!!! You will be glad you did. 5 stars.' (Paul Williams)

'Jono attended my wedding for a 3 hour slot. He was outstanding! Not only was he a nice, friendly guy, he also performed some remarkable tricks that left everyone amazed. I have had texts, phone calls and conversations with people since, who are still amazed by some of the tricks they witnessed. This guy is amazing and I'm already trying to think of a reason to book him again ... I might just invite him over for a private hour performance! Loved it. Jono, you are a great bloke and a top trick master. Thank you so much for being a part of our day.' (Alex Barber)

'Jono came to my parents' golden wedding anniversary party. He entertained all the guests of all ages with a fabulous finale with the whole party taking part. Fab tricks, very, very good. He was pleasant and happily discussed my needs for the evening. I'm so pleased I decided to hire Jono as a surprise for the evening.' (Lisa Groves)

'Jono came to our house party in Solihull and everyone really enjoyed his magic tricks. He was extremely entertaining and good at his tricks. Definitely worth booking this act!'

(Humaira Waheed)

'Jono attended the evening reception for our wedding. He absolutely mesmerised our guests with his card tricks and magic. It really added something special to the evening. He has a real way with people and, I have to say, the quality of his tricks is of a very high standard. There was certainly no way we could guess how he did it! I would highly recommend him to anyone considering an entertainer at a wedding or any other function.' (Kelly MacKenzie)

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