So, what are the benefits of magic?

It's a fantastic talking point

Obviously, you are going to have some wonderful memories to take with you after your wedding day. This is already a given, however, the magician can certainly add a certain 'wow' factor to the occasion and will have you and your guests asking - Do you remember when...? - for years to come.

It helps to keep the energy up

Whilst a wedding is, of course, a beautiful and unforgettable event, you'll also want to be sure that everyone can have fun and enjoy themselves without letting the energy drain. This is where magic can certainly help. The magician's patter is always upbeat, engaging and funny, always guaranteed to keep energy levels way up.

It helps to bring smiles

There are some incredible reaction shots certain to be added to your collection. During the photos, there is guaranteed to be moments of shock, awe, laughter or just big smiles provided by your magician for the photographer to capture.

Take the magic home

One of my personal favourite things about being a magician is being able to provide the occasional gift. During or after the trick, there may be one or two souvenirs for you and your guests to take with you and keep forever.

The perfect icebreaker

Weddings can be a very nerve racking time and emotions are probably going to be running a bit high. Magic is the ideal icebreaker and can help everyone to relax and keep the conversations going. With a friendly magician conversing with you and your guests, nerves are surely to be less of a distraction.

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