Magical Proposals?

Oddly enough, despite the number of weddings I have done, it had never occurred to me that a touch of magic can also be added to a marriage proposal. That was until a few years ago, when I was contacted by a chap in London who was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, who had an affinity for magic I was told.

This became a very interesting and thoroughly enjoyable project for me, because not only did this guy ask me perform for the two of them, but also to come up with a trick that would end with a presentation of a poem he had written for her (ahhhhh).

I come up with lots of tricks and ideas and, being highly creative on the autistic spectrum, I also love to build tricks and props for my shows, so I welcomed this project with open arms. I don't remember how long I had to plan this trick for him, but I eventually managed to come up with a very special card trick in which the poem would end up written on a card, which had already been selected, torn up and magically restored.

The day came and he and I arranged to meet - accidentally on purpose - in the middle of Covent Garden as he and his girlfriend were randomly passing by. I was actually quite nervous because, whilst I had enjoyed the process up to that point, I had never done this sort of thing before and I didn't know how she would react.

I proceeded to show them a few tricks from my usual repertoire, which all went down very well (naturally!). Then the moment came. I had her select a random card from the deck. She watched as I tore up the card, I gave her a piece of the card as a souvenir. I then made the other pieces of the card vanish and appear inside my wallet. But, to their amazement, the card had been restored, except for the piece she had kept.

But then came the twist - or prestige if you will ;)

I showed her the card to not only show that it was the card she had chosen, but that there was now a beautiful poem written to her on the face. Through tears of joy (and a little shock I should imagine) she read out the poem as her other half promptly lowered to one knee. I'm glad to say that her answer was yes. It was a lovely moment, one I shan't forget. It was lovely to be able to give them an engagement gift to - the card/poem he gave to her in a frame.

Magic can really be a beautiful addition to a marriage proposal. There are dozens of different ways in which the question can be added as a finale to a trick and it can make a beautiful engagement present from me to you.

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