Is our new King really a member of The Magic Circle?

People may have read on my site (or via some other source) that our new King, Charles III, is a member of The Magic Circle. But, is this really true?

Well, firstly, let me just give a brief description as to what The Magic Circle actually is. It shocks me sometimes that many people I encounter don't actually know what it is. When I was performing in London (where The Magic Circle actually is!), people would ask me about the insignia pinned to my lapel. When I would tell them that I am a member of The Magic Circle, I would get a lot of 'What's that?'

What's that?!


The Magic Circle was formed in 1905 with the aim to encourage and promote the art of magic. Over the years, The Magic Circle has grown into a prestigious society of magicians with members ranging from world class masters, to celebrities and to royalty ... which brings me to the subject matter -

Btw, please do look it up, it's fascinating to learn about -

Yes, it certainly is true. Back in 1975, the then Prince Charles took the exam and passed with flying colours. Apparently, HRH ..... oh, begging his pardon ... His Majesty ... has always had a fancy for magic (a particular affinity for Harry Potter I've heard) and, when he was 27 years old, he performed a cups and balls routine (one of the oldest tricks in the world!) and passed that very night.

I joined The Magic Circle in 2018 and, whilst it's always been an honour to share membership with so many of my heros, past and present - Paul Daniels, David Copperfield, Sooty, Tommy Cooper, David Nixon and Stephen Fry (yes, him too!) - I now feel compelled to say that it's an extreme privilege to share membership with such a great man...

...and for me too ;)

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