Certain types of stage magic ... and why mine?

I've actually seen it quite a few times, in Facebook groups, online ads, entertainment agencies, etc; someone is having an event and they're looking for a magician, but they don't just want 'a magician', they want a mind reading magician, or a pickpocketing magician, or even something called an iPad magician!

Nowadays, it interests me how some people just want to narrow it down so much. I realise that specialist magicians - mind readers, pickpockets, etc - have been around for quite a while, but why the specification for an event?

Now, don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against any one type of magician. If one discovers a passion for 'mind reading' (Dunninger, Piddington, Chan Canasta, Max Maven to name a few) then that's the area you should concentrate on (no pun intended!)

Magic shows are, obviously, going to be different. Magicians present themselves in so many different styles. Some are silent, some are loud, some perform to music, some are seemingly masterful while others are seemingly modest. Some are funny, some are serious while others are downright clownish.

So, under which style do I fall? Well, I try not to be any particular type of magician or perform any one particular type of magic. I just try to be myself as much as I can. When you see me performing, I am of course using patter and cheesy one liners, but I'm also trying to come across as someone who is genuinely interested in what I do. I am constantly fascinated by the art, imagination, creativity and ingenuity of magic and I am genuinely interested in sharing my passion and getting everyone involved.

When I'm performing, I want to bring to light some of the masters of magic that continue to inspire me even today, which is why I don't choose a particular type of stage magic. My stage act includes card magic, comedy magic, musical magic, interactive magic and mind reading magic, all inspired by some great magicians of old.

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