Am I a 'funny' magician?

Well, we've all heard of something called 'patter' right? Typically, the magician needs patter to keep an audience engaged and, more importantly, to divert attention away from what may or may not be really going on. There are many fine examples of patter from some of the greats of magic, some relying on speedy jokes and witty comebacks, while some relying on deadpan personalities and more indirect approaches. Some magic acts don't even use dialogue, they are silent and use body language or music.

So, which am I?

I've been told, on several occasions, that I can be a funny chap. I like jokes and pranks and I try to make light of as many situations as possible. Coming from a background of depression, I have had to learn to at least try to look at things on the brighter side. I enjoy laughing and making people laugh, but I also enjoy learning and taking things more seriously sometimes.

One of my favourite things about performing is meeting and interacting with people. As someone with Asperger's, it sounds strange to say that, but I include as many people as possible when I'm performing both close-up and stage magic.

Yes, I do have certain comedic moments in my act, but not so much for patter, more because I genuinely enjoy the interactions and having a laugh with folks. As far as I'm concerned, when I'm performing, I'm just being myself or at least more so than usual. I hope I can be funny and make people laugh, but I also want to be engaging and keep people's attention.

At the risk of sounding a little pompous here, I also try to enlighten people and let them in on a few things that may make the magic more interesting. There's a card trick I perform, for example, that is sometimes known as 'The Trick that Fooled Houdini' and that's not a made up line, it's literally true. I try to get people intrigued by that, as well as other magic facts, as part of my particular patter.

Am I a 'funny' magician? Well, do we have to specify?

When you book me, I am there to share my love of magic, to entertain, amuse, intrigue, enlighten AND to have a laugh with you and the audience.

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